What NOT to Do to Your Pool, Unless You Want to Destroy it...

Everyone talks about all the things you should be doing to maintain your pool in top condition. However, almost no one speaks about all the things you shouldn’t be doing to your pool. Many may not know this but you can pretty much destroy your in-ground pool much easier than you can imagine. While most likely you are interested in taking care of the most valuable asset on your property second to your home, some may just not know the damage they are sustaining on it. Check out this list of what not to do to your pool to avoid them.

Don’t Drain Your Pool.

Just because your pool in the ground it doesn’t mean it won’t have the desire to pop up and explore it’s surrounding if given a chance.

Your yard might look like it’s nice and dry on the surface, but deep within the earth, there could be water. When there is too much water in the ground, it creates pressure that can potentially push against the foundation of the pool, causing it to lift or crack if the pool is empty.

Draining a pool requires a professional who can control the water surrounding the swimming pool, and remove the hydrostatic relief valve from the main drain.

Don’t Throw Random Chemicals into Your Pool to See What Could Happen.

Maintaining the water chemistry in a pool is an art-form that has been ruined by amateurs.

Over the years, we’ve seen a thing or two gone wrong when pool owners add random or poor-quality chemicals to their swimming pools.

Most owners don’t understand that chemical imbalances in the pool water can cause expensive components to fail. This means your mad scientist experimentation with water chemicals can end up costing you dearly.

Turn Off the Water Pump….NOT!

Some people like to turn their water pump and filtration system off either because they are going away for a while or to try and save some money on the electrical bill.

However, this solution causes more harm than good as water will take a swift turn for worse without proper filtration for more than 24 hours.

When the water pump is off, the organic debris quickly starts to accumulate — the more organic waste, the faster chlorine reserves will be depleted. Without sufficient chlorine levels, bacteria start growing, and pool clarity decreases.

If you are going away from more than a day, don’t turn off your water pump.  Instead, give us a call if you need a pool-sitter to check on your swimming pool.

Choose Horsepower Over Flow Rate. Isn’t Faster Better? NO.

When shopping for a new water pump, don’t mistake your pool for a muscle car.

Most pool owners choose their water pumps based on their horsepower rating, when in reality what they should focus on is the flow rate. Horsepower only indicates how much energy the pump uses; the flow rate shows you how fast water is filtered.

When shopping for a new pool pump, the first thing to do is calculate the volume of water turnover that your pool needs. Once you know this you can figure how much water needs to be filtered per hour to meet the turnover rate.

At Crocodile Pools we can help you calculate the turnover and filtration needs of your swimming pool, and we can also help get you a great deal on your next energy-efficient water pump.

Want to Save Money?  Switch to a Variable Speed Pump!

Replacing your single speed pool pump to WITH a new variable speed pump will help lower your electrical bill.

You will save almost $2,000 in the first three years of ownership and over $7,000 in the course of ten years.”

You could qualify for a $100 rebate when you purchase selected IntelliFlo and IntelliPro variable speed pumps.

To redeem your rebate the unit must be purchased from a pool service company and installed by a pool professional between April 1, 2019, and December 31, 2019.

Lucky for you Crocodile Pools is an authorized dealer of IntelliFlo and IntelliPro pumps.

Contact us today to learn more about how you could get $100 back.

Don’t Hesitate in Calling Crocodile Pools!

Your pool deserves the best care, and that is what we do best. If you call anyone else to maintain your pool, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

Trust the true professionals, give us a call today for a free consultation. If you’re interested in getting a manual or automatic pool cover for your pool, good news! At Crocodile Pools, we install pool covers.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you a Free Estimate for a Pool Cover as well!

Contact Us to schedule a free evaluation and to set up weekly maintenance so your pool is always safe, beautiful and ready for your family and friends to enjoy!

Join our many other happy customers that now enjoy a beautiful safe, clean pool year-round. Best of all, we’ll save you money!

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A video of a comprehensive cleaning we did on a client’s pool. We drained, pressure washed, refilled, balanced the water and got it crystal clear! We also completely replace all their old equipment with new more efficient equipment. During this process we also converted them from saltwater to freshwater. Can’t say it was fun during the process but it is fun to see the result!