At Crocodile Pools, we are committed to providing an inclusive online experience for every visitor. We believe that everyone, regardless of abilities or disabilities, should have access to the information and services offered on our website. Our dedication to web accessibility is rooted in ensuring that every individual can navigate, understand, and interact with our content effortlessly.

What is Web Accessibility?

Web accessibility refers to the practice of designing and developing websites and digital content in a way that enables people with disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate, and interact effectively. Disabilities can encompass a wide range of conditions, including visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive impairments. By adhering to web accessibility standards, we strive to remove barriers and create an inclusive digital space.

For those who are visually or hearing impaired:
• Use your text-to-speech feature to have your computer read aloud.
NOTE: Consider a text to speech extension for your browser. We recommend the Google Chrome Web Page Reader
• Adjust your background and text colors
• Adjust the size of your mouse/pointer
• Increase your text size
• Magnify your screen

Feedback and Support

We value your feedback. If you encounter any accessibility barriers or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us. We are continuously striving to enhance the accessibility of our website.

Ongoing Accessibility Efforts

Our commitment to accessibility is ongoing. We regularly review and audit our website to identify and rectify potential issues. As technology and accessibility standards evolve, we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of these changes to ensure that our website remains inclusive to all.

Thank you for choosing Crocodile Pools. We are proud to provide an accessible online space where all visitors can engage with our content, services, and information without limitations.

Last Revision: July 2023