Water Safety Tips for Dog Owners

In honor of National Responsible Dog Ownership Month, we bring you “Water Safety Tips for Dog Owners”. Pet owners enjoy limitless love and devotion from their furry members of the family.  By taking the time to care for their safety in and around swimming pools and other bodies of water, you will help keep them with the family for many years to come.  For most of us, dogs are another member of the family, which means they enjoy doing fun activities like swimming with the family.

As a responsible pet owner, you might be concerned about the safety of your doggie in and around the pool.

The pool maintenance experts at Crocodile Pools are here to help!  The following are answers to the most common questions we get from dog owners, as well as offer a few tips to improve the safety of everyone in your family.

Q/ Can My Dog Go in The Pool?

A/ As long as your pool is safe for humans to use, it will be safe for your pups as well. However, there are some Water Safety Tips for Dog Owners to consider:

Make sure your dog knows how to swim. Swimming is not the most natural activity for dogs, and while some breeds like retrievers will be excited about jumping in the water, it doesn’t mean they will be good at it on the first try.
Don’t force your dog into the pool. If your dog is afraid of the water, don’t force them into the pool, this may cause behavioral problems down the road.
Keep an eye on your pup while in the water. Just like humans, dogs can get tired, and they may not have the strength to climb out on their own. Having unsupervised pets in the water increases their risk of drowning
Make sure your dog knows how to climb out of the pool. Getting out of the pool can be tricky when you have paws instead of hands. Make sure your pool has a safe exit for your pup, such as built-in steps. Teach your dog where the steps are, so they know where the pool exit is.
Install a Pool Fence. Just like small children, dogs can accidentally fall in the pool when there is nobody around and drown. A pool fence is an excellent way to prevent this from happening. 

Q/ Is Chlorine Safe For my Dog?

A/  The answer is yes, provided your pool is well maintained and clean. The amount of chlorine in a professionally maintained pool is safe for your pets. 

However, we do recommend a good wash after your dog takes a dip into the pool. This will help minimize the potential irritant side effects that chlorine may have on your pup:

Rinse him off with fresh water after he has been in the pool to remove any excess chemicals
Dry his ears with a towel to reduce the risk of infection
Dogs might think your pool is a giant water bowl, but you shouldn’t let him drink pool water 

Q/ Will My Dog Affect my Pool Equipment or the Water Balance?

A/ For the most part, your filter will be able to handle the excess hair and dirt that your pooch brings into the water. However, it’s always a good idea to brush your pets before you allow them to jump in the water.

One crucial factor to look at to ensure pet hair doesn’t become an issue is your pool filter. If your pool filter is undersized, it could give you problems. Our pool experts can inspect your pool filter to make sure it is the right size for the type of use you give your pool. If we find it’s not, we can replace it for one that will work better.

Schedule Regular Pool Cleanings

If your dog is a regular swimmer in your pool, we recommend you schedule a weekly pool cleaning so we can check your filter pressure, vacuum the pool, and ensure your chlorine and pH levels are in their ideal ranges.

We will also inspect your pool pump to ensure it is working correctly, and check your drains to make sure none of the covers are missing or broken.

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