Ultimate Guide to End-of-Summer Pool Parties

Are you looking to sneak one last pool party in before summer ends (we’re thinking all about back-to-school parties)? Not only are pool parties some of the easiest parties to plan, but the preparation is also a breeze since the water is the star of the show. No real need for any extra entertainment, but a few fun games and some good music has never hurt anybody, so if you’re thinking about hosting a pool party of your own you’re in luck! We’re sharing some great tips to help make your next pool party just as stress-free as it is fun. 

Note: Just a friendly reminder, before we “dive in,” to always have a designated adult watching the pool throughout the duration of the party. Switching off every 15 minutes allows everyone a chance to mix and mingle, and ensures that everyone, especially small children, remain safe and have fun.


Decorations are a great way to set the mood for a pool party! Not only do they give you the opportunity to have a theme, but decorations always make the atmosphere a more fun one. Since there’s no limit to how many decorations you can have, obviously, we say go crazy! Think streamers, lights, tiki torches, themed plates with matching napkins, tablecloths, and whatever else you think would take your pool party to the next level. 


Music is a must-have for any summertime pool party! Whether it’s recent pop hits, some country tunes, or anything in between, a good playlist will definitely keep the energy up. There are plenty of streaming options, like Apple Music and Spotify, that have a great variety of premade playlists waiting for you. If you prefer to add more of your personal favorites, you can always customize your very own playlist!  Either way, some good music is always a win.


Food is always a great idea, especially at a pool party after everyone is hungry and tired after swimming all day. It’s generally a good idea to have a good mix of healthy food and good ‘ole fashion “junk food.” We love to balance out the salty and sweet snacks with some refreshing summer fruit. Chips and dip are always a people-pleaser, too! As for your main meal, since pool parties are more relaxed than formal, we suggest serving something simple, but delicious. There’s nothing like the classic hamburger and hotdog, so you definitely don’t have to overthink this one!


Floats are perfect for people of all ages! There are tons of cute and unique summer floats that will add even more pizazz to your party. Floats can be more than floats, they are also a perfect photo prop when it comes to taking fun party pictures. Pool floats like giant flamingos, ice cream cones, avocados, and pizza are fun classics that will help make your pool party one to remember!


For a great change in pace, consider planning a few games! Having a few strategically planned pool activities will ensure your party guests have fun whether they are in or out of the water. Classic games like Marco Polo and Categories are sure to please everyone, regardless of age. In-pool games, like inflatable tic-tac-toe, make fun twists to well known traditional games. In addition, yard games, like corn hole, ladderball, and horseshoes, are always a hit too.


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