Tips to Keep Your Pool and Yard Mosquito-Free

Mosquitos aren’t just a nuisance; these pesky little bloodsuckers can also carry diseases like West Nile Virus and Zika.

Moreover, there is more bad news.  Mosquitos love water and humid places, spending three out of their four life-stages in water. So, if you own a pool, your pool area is their ideal breeding and feeding ground.  Keeping your pool and yard mosquito-free should be a priority for the health of your family.

Here are some simple ways for you to minimize mosquito populations and protect yourself and your family from their bites.

1. Get Rid of Any Stagnant Water

Rule number one to your pool and yard mosquito-free is getting rid of their breeding grounds. Mosquitos don’t need large amounts of water to lay their eggs, something as small as a bottle cap could turn into a breeding ground.

It would be best if you inspected your yard for any possible stagnant water. Remove toys and buckets that could hold water.

2. Use Natural Repellents 

Seek advice from mother nature to keep your pool and yard mosquito-free. Some plants have built-in defense mechanisms to protect them from predators. Citronella is one of them; the scent and essential oil produced by the plant is a natural repellent for mosquitos. If you can’t have a plant in your yard, you can use citronella candles instead.

3. Apply Repellent When You Are Outdoors

Spray or lotions containing DEET are highly effective against mosquitos. DEET, the active ingredient in these products is safe for use on kids. However, it does lose its effectiveness after a while, so you need to reapply often.

4. Use a Pool Cover

Another tip that we recommend to help your pool and yard mosquito-free is to use a solar pool cover. This type of cover will protect the surface of your pool and keep mosquitos out.

Additionally, solar pool covers will help heat your pool and prevent evaporation. Solar covers are more energy efficient and will, therefore, help you save money.

5. Set Out Mosquito Traps

Mosquito traps work by simulating those elements that attract them to people and pets. Some traps combine CO2 which simulates our breath, and ultraviolet (UV) or LED lights that attract the insects by mimicking our movements.

The good thing about these traps is that they don’t use chemicals or pesticides, making them safe for the whole family.

6. Maintain Your Landscape

Mosquitos like to seek shelter in tall, overgrown grass, hedges, and weeds. Therefore, you should regularly mow your lawn, trim the hedges, and remove unwanted weeds.

If your yard or patio has any natural or artificial grass, you should check to make sure it has proper drainage and that there are no pools of water anywhere.

7. Use Larvicides

A larvicide is a type of insecticide that is designed to kill mosquitos during their larvae or pupae stages. They come in various presentations, liquid, tablets, granules, pellets, and briquets.

The larvicide is placed in the water in places like gutters, and pool covers. This will kill any larvae or pupae that are in those puddles and prevent mosquitos from laying any more eggs in the same place.

8. Spray Your Yard 

If you are having a pool party, it’s a good idea to spray insecticide around your yard the day before; this should kill any adult mosquitos.

9. Most Important Tip to Keep Your Pool and Yard Mosquito-Free: Maintain Proper Pool Chemistry

A clean, balanced pool with a water pump working in optimal conditions is not appealing to mosquitos, so, they won’t try to lay their eggs in the water. 

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