The Importance of Fall and Winter Pool Maintenance

Fall is finally on the horizon which means colder weather and cozy moments spent in front of the fire instead of spending time outdoors, poolside. Just because the season is changing, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about your pool. Maintaining your pool in the fall and winter months is just as important as maintenance during peak season months and here’s why.

Keeping It Clean

There’s nothing more beautiful than the reflection of a sparkling clean pool. But during the fall and winter months, certain elements such as leaves can make their way into your pool, causing all kinds of issues if not removed. Leaves can also make their way into your skimmer which can cause the pump to run dry, damaging it.

Clean Your Pool Filter

As the seasons change, don’t overlook your pool filter. If you’ve put your pool to good use this summer, then give your pool filter a thorough cleaning now that fall is here. With all the extra leaves flying around and the lower temperatures, a clean filter is essential.  If you’re not sure of how to clean your pool filter or can’t find time to do it properly, please call us. We’ll be happy to help!

Chemical Safety

Failure to maintain your pool in the winter months can not only lead to a dirty pool, but it can also throw off your pool’s water chemistry which can lead to certain safety concerns. Germs and bacteria can manifest from leaves, weather from heavy winds and storms that come through, and various other natural conditions surrounding your pool.

Prevent Issues Next Spring

Without proper weekly maintenance, your pool water can develop corrosive properties that can potentially damage your pool – damages that can become quite costly if left unattended over an extended amount of time. So, save money in the long run by allowing Crocodile Pools to keep your pool healthy and clean.

Clean and Store Pool Accessories

Now that you know the pool won’t be in use almost every day, it’s a good idea to start putting pool toys and floating devices away. Make sure you thoroughly clean them before storing them away.

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