Keep the Green On Your Tree, Not In Your Pool

Keep the Green On Your Tree, Not in Your Pool Algae can be a real cotton-headed ninny muggins no matter what time of year it rears its ugly head. However, you may think that when you close your pool for the winter, that all will be nice and dandy, but think again. Algae, if not […]

It’s Time for A Pool Wellness Check

It’s Time for a Pool Wellness Check Summer is officially over. We now head into the fall season with fond memories of splash-worthy family time spent by a refreshing pool. Just because you’re not actively using the pool during cooler months doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. Here are a few ways to perform […]

Swimming aids Alzheimer’s/Dementia

How Swimming Helps Those with Alzheimer’s & Dementia Over 44 million people around the globe struggle with Alzheimer’s and Dementia every year, often robbing them of their memories and critical thinking skills. And because September is World Alzheimer’s Month, we want to bring awareness to how swimming and other aquatic therapy exercises can be a […]

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Your Pool It’s hard to believe, but hurricane season is already upon us. As Texans, we know all too well the value of being prepared if a hurricane were to hit our area. We always encourage our clients to do what they can to stay weather-aware and develop a solid plan […]

5 Ways Swimming Benefits Women’s Health

5 Ways Swimming Benefits Women’s Health Ladies, are you looking for a way to change up your workout routine this summer? Instead of opting for the latest fad workout, try swimming! Many women don’t realize how beneficial it is to their physical and mental health. We’re sharing five reasons why swimming should be at the […]

Spring Benefits – Pool Professional

3 Reasons to Hire a Pool Professional This Spring Spring is finally here! It’s time to get your outdoor living spaces in order so you can enjoy the warmer weather ahead. Make no mistake, the infamous Texas heat is on its way, too. If you and your family plan to cool off in your pool […]

Swimming Pool New Year Resolutions

Swimming Pool New Year Resolutions It’s that time of year where we all commit to making good choices as it relates to our health and welfare. By setting goals, we hope to set ourselves up for success as we navigate the year ahead. For example, some of you may have grand aspirations for getting the […]

Dress Up Your Pool For The Holidays

Dress Up Your Pool for the Holidays The holidays are a time to rest and relax while enjoying the company of family and friends. When having people over to your home, why not utilize your pool to provide a pretty ambiance or backdrop to holiday festivities? We are sharing a few tips for your patio […]

Pool Renovations Perfect for Fall/Winter Months

Pool Renovations Perfect for Fall and Winter Months   If you’re like every other pool owner, you’re dreaming of ways to enhance or even renovate your pool to make it that much more enjoyable. But when is the best time to do these renovations? As a matter of fact, the fall and winter months are […]

Closing Your Pool Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Closing Your Pool Doesn’t Have to Be Scary Autumn is here, which means it time to think about closing your pool, but it doesn’t have to be a frightening process! There are 3 things to consider when closing your pool to keep you from facing scary circumstances once it’s time to open back up next […]