Protect Your Pool & Lower Your Costs - Poolside Landscaping Ideas and Tips!

Texans love to spend time in their backyards especially when it has a pool. That is why we spend so much time and money on landscaping.

We know how important it is for you to have your private oasis, but before you go crazy at the nursery, here are a few things to consider that can help protect your pool and lower your maintenance costs.

#1. Add Low-Maintenance Plants

You can have a beautiful garden surrounding your swimming pool without having to toil over it. Choose plants that don’t need to be trimmed and fertilized often.

#2. Choose Evergreens over Deciduous Trees

Avoid planting deciduous trees (those that shed their leaves annually). Instead, plant an evergreen that can provide shade and not dirty your pool.

Not adding trees that shed their leaves will help lower your pool maintenance costs.

When you are at the nursery, ask which evergreen trees fare better in Southeast Texas, this way you can avoid having to replant trees.

#3. Keep Flowering and Fruit Bearing Trees and Plants Away from Your Pool

Fruit, flower-bearing trees and shrubs are beautiful, but they make a big mess when their leaves, needles, fruits, flowers, or nuts fall in and around your pool.

You can still have fruit or flowering trees and shrubs in your yard but try to keep them as far away as possible from your pool.

Remember, leaves, fruit, and flowers in your pool equal extra work. Over time, these can damage your filtering system, motors or pumps, which will increase your maintenance costs.

#4. Choose Kid-Friendly Plants

Thorny plants have no place around a pool. Consider all the swimmers especially kids playing around the pool in their bathing suits and getting scratched by the thorns on your lovely rose bush.

To prevent accidents, avoid planting any of the following plants near your pool:

Blackberry Bushes

#5. Forego Large Trees with Invasive Roots

Nothing can damage a pool faster than tree roots.

Over the years, trees and plants with invasive roots can damage your pool’s structure, its surrounding area, and its plumbing system. This kind of damage can represent hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs.

#6. Trim Those Trees

Now is a great time for you or your lawn service to take a look at your back yard and trim up any trees or shrubs that may be dirtying up your pool. By trimming your trees, you’ll knock two birds with one stone as it helps to keep both your garden and your pool looking great.

#7. Get Advice from the Pool Maintenance Experts of Southeast Texas!

As you have invested a large sum in your beautiful home, you need to protect that investment. Therefore, our advice to you is, before making an impulsive buy at the nursery, do some research. Ask the experts how tall the tree will be, what kind of maintenance it will need, and how big and invasive their root system is. Your wallet will thank you later.

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