Fun Pool Toys for Kids

With summer upon us, the pool is the place to be! Make your pool even more fun for your kids by bringing out some awesome new pool toys. We’re sharing four of our favorites, and who knows, you might even find yourself enjoying them too!


1. Inflatable Volleyball and Basketball Nets

Inflatable volleyball and basketball nets are perfect for staying active while having fun in the pool! Not only do they provide endless hours of fun, but it gives you the opportunity for friends and family to come together and play. A little bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone, right? Have fun by playing traditional volleyball and basketball games or, if you want to get creative, have some dunking competitions too.

2. Diving Pool Toys

Diving pool toys are another way to bring some added fun to your pool! These toys come in a variety of shapes that include rings, torpedoes, sticks, and many other unique styles. They are also bright and colorful which makes them easier to spot while sitting on the floor of your pool. Kids can have a blast searching for the objects “hidden” at the bottom of the pool and seeing who can collect them all first. Diving practice has never been more fun!

3. Water Shooters

Water shooters are great toys for kids of all ages to enjoy. Instead of just splashing around in the pool, water shooters give kids a cool way to move around! Because they are so easy to use, even the youngest member of your family can join in the fun!

4. Pool Floats

Pool floats can be versatile toys and are always a staple. Like most pool toys, these come in a variety of fun shapes, sizes, and themes. Some fun favorites are pineapples, flamingos, donuts, and unicorn shaped floats. In addition to offering a place to relax on the water, these “toys” have more uses than one including a vehicle for “bumper floats” and as a giant shield during a water fight fun. 

P.S. Here’s an extra tip to help you store all of these pool toys:

If you have children at, or frequently around, your pool we always recommend installing a fence, or barrier, around it for safety. Why not have that fence serve a dual purpose? Use your fence to aid with storage by installing a simple rack to hold everything from toys and swim goggles to sunblock and water bottles. Just be sure to install the rack inside the fence for extra safety!


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