crocodile pools graphic for preparing pools for hurricane

Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Your Pool

It’s hard to believe, but hurricane season is already upon us. As Texans, we know all too well the value of being prepared if a hurricane were to hit our area. We always encourage our clients to do what they can to stay weather-aware and develop a solid plan for your family. You can also take special precautions to protect your pool, so take note of the below.

Before the Storm

Do Not Empty Your Pool

There is a common misperception that you should empty your pool before a storm, but that’s not the case at all. Resist the urge to empty your pool. Keeping water inside provides crucial weight to support the structure during high winds. It also protects your pool lining from dust, dirt, and debris.

Turn Off Electricity

Before the storm hits, it’s essential to turn off all the electrical power at the circuit breakers. Doing this can help save your pool equipment in case lightning hits, among many other things.

Remove Objects From Pool Area

Take up objects like wind chimes, pool floats, furniture, umbrellas, exterior decorations, and any other items that could be swept up or cause damage to your pool or home in high winds. Store these items in a safe place and never put any objects or furniture in your pool as it can stain and further damage it.

Shock It

Before the storm, add 2-3 pounds of shock to your pool. This will give it extra residual chlorine to address any contaminants that could come in contact with your pool. Simply pour the shock into the deep end and brush it a few times to avoid settling on the bottom.

After the Storm

Remove the Debris

After the storm has passed, remove limbs and debris from your pool, including skimmer and pump baskets. The faster you can remove the debris, the better. It will prevent your pool from turning green or staining until maintenance can be resumed.

Shock It

After the rain has passed, add another 2-3 pounds of shock to your pool. This is extremely important if you have a freshwater pool as it’s not equipped with an in-line chlorinator. If you don’t have one, it’s best to have one installed. Please email our experts to receive a free quote.

Stay Informed

We encourage all our clients to stay informed through local media and follow all instructions issued from local authorities to stay safe.

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