How to Prepare Your Pool for Autumn

The days are now shorter, and the weather is getting colder, the trees outside our windows are turning a lovely shade of purple, orange, and yellow. There is no mistaking it; fall is finally here.

The fall season means kids are back in school, and the pool will not get as much use as it did just a few weeks ago. Which raises the question, what needs to be done to take care of your pool this time of year?

Taking good care of your pool now, will help ensure your next summer will be enjoyable. Here is how you can prepare and protect your pool during the fall months.

Learn how to how to prepare your pool for autumn the best way from your friends at Crocodile Pools.

Clean and Store Pool Accessories

Now that you know the pool won’t be in use almost every day, it’s a good idea to start putting pool toys and floating devices away. Make sure you thoroughly clean them before storing them.

Clean The Pool of Dirt and Debris

During fall, as trees shed their leaves, keeping a pool clean can be a challenge. If you allow leaves to accumulate in your pool, rest assured bacteria and algae will grow and thrive in it. Additionally, any leaves that sink to the bottom can end up staining the pool floor. Not cleaning out leaves weekly, and sometimes multiple times per week, can also starve your pool pump of water and cause it to burn up requiring an expensive repair.

To keep your pool in top shape during the fall season, you need to clean regularly. We know you don’t have the time to clean your pool more often than usual, and that is ok. That is why we are here, give us a call and we will be happy to do all the hard work for you.

Clean Your Pool Filter

It’s vital to not overlook our pool filter in order to prepare your pool for autumn and beyond. If you’ve put your pool to good use this summer, then we recommend you give your pool filter a thorough cleaning now that fall is here. With all the extra leaves flying around and the lower temperatures, a clean filter is essential.  If you’re not sure of how to clean your pool filter or don’t find time to do it properly, please Call Crocodile Pools.  We’ll be happy to help!

Underneath that Pool Cover, Water and pH Levels Need to be On Point

Using a pool cover to prevent leaves, dirt, and other debris from falling in the pool during the fall and winter months is a good strategy. However, before you put a cover in place the water needs to be balanced. This means proper chlorine, PH, calcium, etc. need to be routinely checked throughout the fall and winter even though the pool is closed.

If you’re interested in getting a manual or automatic pool cover for your pool, good news! At Crocodile Pools, we install pool covers.

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Every pool is different, and many things need to come into play when making these adjustments. Some of these factors include your pool finish and the type of cover you will be using.

If you are unsure of what the proper water and pH levels should be for your swimming pool, the best thing is to give our experts a call, and we can take care of all those details for you.

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