How Swimming Helps Those with Alzheimer's & Dementia

Over 44 million people around the globe struggle with Alzheimer’s and Dementia every year, often robbing them of their memories and critical thinking skills. And because September is World Alzheimer’s Month, we want to bring awareness to how swimming and other aquatic therapy exercises can be a trusted form of treatment for those dealing with this disease.

Helps Them Stay Active

It’s often challenging for those with Alzheimer’s to remain active. They may have difficulty in large classroom settings, fear falling, or experience pain with traditional exercise methods. Aquatic therapy provides a low-impact solution that eliminates the fear of falls or loss of balance.

Functional Mobility

Regular aquatic involvement can help improve a person’s balance and gait. Other benefits include increased stamina, range of motion, and trunk balance.


Swimming can be done alone, with a friend, or in a group setting at a local senior center. Engaging in a group setting provides much need socialization while exercising.


Developing daily routines for those with Alzheimer’s can be incredibly beneficial. Studies show that even those with advanced Alzheimer’s have fewer outbursts if they have a structured schedule that keeps them engaged and active.

Soothes the Mind and Body

Water is naturally soothing for the mind and body. It eases the body, allowing it to float weightlessly without any stress points, which helps calm the mind.

If you or someone you know has Alzheimer’s or Dementia, please join us in raising awareness this month for those who need it most and ultimately find a cure.

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