Holiday Pool Parties: How to Host a Festive Poolside Gathering

The holiday season is a time for celebration and what better way to bring cheer to your festivities than by hosting a holiday pool party? Transforming your poolside into a winter wonderland is a fun and unique way to enjoy this season with friends and family. We’re going to share a few tips and ideas on how to host a festive outdoor poolside gathering that will leave everyone with merry spirits!

Decorate Your Pool Area

Start by adding some holiday themed decorations to your pool area! Adding accessories like string lights, festive garlands, and seasonal ornaments can transform your poolside into a magical space. Even if no swimming is taking place, these little changes can turn your pool into a decorative space instead of something in the way.

Create a Cozy Lounge Area

Arrange comfortable seating around the pool to create a cozy lounge area. Use festive cushions and throws to keep your guests warm and encourage relaxation. Consider even adding a fire pit for both warmth and ambiance.

Festive Pool Floats

If the weather is warmer during this holiday party and people aren’t opposed to swimming, consider investing in some holiday-themed pool floats to add a playful touch to the party! Whether it’s a giant inflatable snowman or a festive Santa float, these simple additions are sure to be a hit at your party.

Serve Seasonal Drinks and Treats

Create a holiday-inspired drink menu that has some warm beverages like spiced cider or hot chocolate. An added touch that is sure to be a hit is setting up a hot cocoa station with marshmallows, whipped cream, and sprinkles. Don’t forget to set out little holiday treats like gingerbread cookies and candy canes!

Ugly Sweater Party Theme

A theme makes every party more fun! Encourage your guests to wear their most outrageous holiday sweaters for an “Ugly Sweater” pool party theme. Host a small contest for the ugliest sweater and gift fun prizes to add a competitive and lighthearted element to the gathering.

Poolside Carol Karaoke

Set up a karaoke station for some of your more extroverted friends! Encourage your guests to belt out all of their favorite holiday tunes. Make a fun and festive playlist and let the caroling begin! Consider even giving a small prize for the most spirited performance.

Warm-Up Stations

Ensure your guests stay warm by setting up warm-up stations around the pool area. Provide blankets on the chairs and consider renting outdoor heaters to enhance comfort and give your guests a space to cozy up.

Professional Pool Cleaning Pre-Party

Before the festivities kick off, schedule a professional pool cleaning service with your trusted pool cleaning company, Crocodile Pools. A clean and well-maintained pool not only looks more inviting, but also ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for your guests.

Hosting a holiday pool party can turn your backyard into a festive oasis for friends and family. By incorporating these tips and ideas, you can create lasting memories and a joyful atmosphere that will make your poolside gathering the highlight of the holiday season. Don’t forget to enlist the help of Crocodile Pools to ensure that your pool is in pristine condition for the festivities!

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