Hidden Electrical Dangers in Pools

Every homeowner wants a beautiful pool in their backyard. For some, this could mean a pool with a waterfall feature or some ambiance underwater lighting.

However, poorly maintained electrical devices in your pool such as lights, and heaters could turn into a danger you won’t be able to see or hear.

We are speaking of electric-shock drownings (ESD).  At Crocodile Pools, we take drowning prevention very seriously. We hope that by shedding light on this little known subject,  we can help prevent hidden electrical dangers in pools. 

How Does an Electric-Shock Drowning (ESD) Happen?

Electrical dangers in pools are a reality. Electric-shock drownings can happen when low-level AC seeps into the water, electrifying it. 

When swimmers enter the water, the electricity paralyzes their muscles preventing them from swimming and in some cases, causing their hearts to suddenly stop beating.

 What Causes the Water to Become Electrified?

The phenomenon doesn’t just happen in swimming pools; they can also occur in marinas and docks. For this reason, you should never go swimming near piers that use electrical power.

The electricity usually seeps into the water from faulty electrical equipment, wiring, and improper grounding. 

What Amount of Electricity Is Needed to Cause an Injury or Drowning?

As little as 10-milliamps of electricity can paralyze a swimmer and them to drown. To put it into perspective, 10-milliamps is 1/50th the current used by a 60-watt light bulb.

Heart failure can occur with as little as 60-milliamps.

Moreover, even a miniscule amount of electricity released by electrical dangers in pools can be fatal.

How Common Are Electric-Shock Drownings?

The CDC does not list the exact cause of drowning; however, since 2002, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPS) has reported 21 fatalities that involved electrocutions in swimming pools.

While this may not seem like an alarming number, it is a sad one if we consider all these deaths were preventable with proper pool maintenance.

What to Do if You Feel an Electric Current in Your Pool

ESD is preventable.  If you ever feel a tingling sensation while in the water, quickly move to an area of the pool where you didn’t feel it. Get out of the pool as soon as possible but avoid using the metal latter as it could shock you.

Turn off the power that supplies energy to any of your pool equipment and contact us to come to inspect your pool for possible electric leaks.

Preventing Electric-Shock Drownings in Your Pool?

Here are some of the best ways to prevent ESD’s in your pool.

1.  Keep Electrical Equipment Away from the Pool

If you have electrical devices around your pool area such as televisions, lamps, and sound systems, keep them as far away as possible from the water.

Ideally, you should keep these devices as well as any electric outlets at least 6 or 7 feet away from the edge of your pool. 

2.  Maintain Your Pool Lights

While underwater lights in the pool are aesthetically and functionally pleasing, damaged or faulty pool lights and wiring signal an accident waiting to happen.

Turn off the power that supplies energy to any of your pool equipment and contact a licensed electrician to come to inspect your pool for possible electric leaks.  Crocodile Pools is RAIL licensed by the State of Texas to properly replace and install pool equipment but we are not licensed, electricians.

To prevent accidents, you should only trust professionals to conduct regular checks for defects. Crocodile Pools will routinely visually inspect your pool equipment for any obvious signs of issues.  However, it is a good idea to annually have a licensed electrician perform a check-up of your equipment, lights, and outlets around your pool.  This minimizes any potential risks to your family.

At Crocodile Pools, we don’t just keep your pool looking spectacular. We are also certified technicians specialized in pool maintenance. We are here to help, give us a call to schedule a free consultation. If you have any doubts on what to do about making your pool safer, cleaner and beautiful, make sure to call Crocodile Pools, we are the experts in keeping your Pool Safe & Clean.

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