Have a Spooktacular Halloween Pool Party

A pool party at the end of October? Why not!

Halloween is the perfect excuse to throw a Spooktacular pool party for your friends and family. We have many ideas of how you can turn your pool into the ideal scary backdrop to your party, but before we get to those, safety first.

Safety Tips for Your Halloween Pool Party

The top priority of any pool owner throwing a party in their backyard needs to be the safety of their guests, especially if your guest list includes a few little goblins.

So before you let your guests see all the scary decorations in and around your pool, remember to:

Check your pool fence. Make sure it’s locked so nobody can accidentally fall into the pool.
Designate pool watchers. If you are hosting the party during the day, make sure you have designated pool watchers to keep an eye on swimmers at all times. 
Learn CPR. As a pool owner you should make sure you and your family know CPR. It could help save someone’s life.
Remove pool toys. Once the party is over, remember to remove pool toys and decorations to prevent small children trying to retrieve them when nobody is watching and accidentally falling in the water.
Lock doors and any windows that lead to the pool. Children may wake early and try to sneak out to the yard to look at the Halloween decorations. To prevent them from sneaking out of the house, make sure you lock any door or window that leads to the backyard.
Make sure your pool is clean: Before you allow your guests in the pool, you need to make sure it is in optimal swimming condition. Give us a call, and we will make sure your pool is clean and safe for use.

The DONT’s:  Halloween Pool Decorating Ideas to Avoid

Some popular pool party ideas appear to be fun but could damage your swimming pool.  The following are best to be avoided:

Bloody Pool

Your family may initially think gory kind of decoration is a great idea. Some places recommend adding a non-toxic red swimming pool dye to the water will make it look like a blood bath.

However, if you dye your pool water, there is always a risk that you will create a stubborn stain that will refuse to come out!  Find out more about identifying and removing pool stains.

Foamy Waters

How about turning your pool into a frothy mess?  Not only is this not a good idea, it’s gross. The dirt, soap, and everything else remains for a while and can get extremely hard to get rid of.  While we are on the subject of a bubbles in your pool, the following are some of the reasons that you could get foamy waters in your pool unintentionally:

Hair care products
Body lotions, deodorant, makeup
Laundry detergent or soap
Cheap pool chemicals, too many chemicals, or total dissolved solids (TDS)

If you want to get rid of those nasty bubbles from your pool, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

The DO’s:  Halloween Pool Decorating Ideas

And now for the fun part. Here are some fun ideas to make your pool Spooktacular this Halloween.

Floating Pumpkins

Having Jack O’Lanterns swimming in your pool is an entertaining idea. You can either carve real pumpkins and place some small candles inside them. If this sounds like too much work, then you can use plastic pumpkins.

Dry Ice

Turn your swimming pool into a spooky swamp by adding dry ice. You can complete the look by turning on the pool lights or placing additional lighting around the pool.

Important: Touching dry ice can cause skin burn, so make sure nobody goes in the water during the party. 

Glow Hands

Want to make your guests gasp with fear? Inflate a bunch of latex gloves and place a glow stick in them. Tie the gloves and throw them in the pool where they will float. Glowing, floating hands at night is a creepy sight to see.

Remember to remove the latex gloves from the water after the party to prevent them from clogging the drains and filters.

Just like you cleaned the pool before the party, it will need a thorough cleaning after. The best pool cleaning team from Beaumont to Lumberton is at Crocodile Pools. We are just a phone call away for all your pool cleaning and maintenance needs.

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