Fun Swimming Pool Activities to Do with Your Kids

Summer is almost over, and school will begin soon.  Let’s keep the fun going with fun swimming pool activities to do with your kids!

If your kids are getting a little restless these days, you may want to organize some fun pool activities for everyone to enjoy. If you are not sure where to start, we are happy to share some of our family favorites with you.

So, if you are ready to play, we will dive right in!

Ball Race

This is a super easy game, but if your kids are competitive, they will love it.

Here is how to play:

Give each participant a ball. The ball can be of any size, although we like to play this game with beach balls 
The object of the game is to push the ball from one side of the pool to the next. You can add extra laps to make it more difficult
The catch is there is no throwing allowed; hands must be on the ball the entire time
The person who reaches the other side of the pool first wins
We like to add some fun prices to make the games more interesting

Animal Farm

Get ready for some serious silliness!

This is a variation from the famous Marco Polo. However, instead of saying Marco, and answering Polo, the person who has their eyes closed gets to pick an animal. For example, if someone says cow, the other swimmers must reply with their imitation of a cow sound to reveal their location.

When one swimmer gets tagged, they get to choose the next animal.

Sharks and Minnows

This game involves speed and fear, so get ready for some loud screaming.

Here is how to play:

One swimmer gets to be the shark. We usually pick an adult for this. The shark gets to stand in the middle of the pool
All other swimmers are waiting on the edge, ready to jump in
When the shark says, Go! The minnows jump into the pool and try to get to the other side without being caught by the shark
The swimmers who are tagged are out. Eventually, you will have one minnow against one shark

Pool Joust

Turn your pool into a medieval joust competition. This game is a favorite of older kids because it allows them to do what most of us as parents always tell them not to do, knock someone over.

Here is how to play:

Adults or older kids will carry another child on their shoulders
The kids on top will have noodles which they will use to try and knock their opponents down.
The swimmers below will be able to move around to get their partners in a position to strike

Air Ninja

Kids will love being air ninjas playing one of our favorite fun swimming pool activities to enjoy fun with the whole family.  To make lasting memories try taking pictures or videos during this game.

Here is how to play:

Line the kids on the edge of the pool
You get to choose any object or animal
Count to 3
Kids will then leap into the air and try to strike a pose to resemble your choice of object or animal

This game is going to elicit much laughter from everyone. We recommend starting with something easy like a tiger or a bird. However, the more creative you get, the funnier it becomes.

Backyard pools are great to have in Beaumont because the weather here allows you to use it almost year-round.

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