What Could Happen if you Don't Winterize Your Pool?

With the cold weather slowly creeping in, it is time to start thinking about winterizing your pool. If you haven’t considered or decided not to winterize your pool this season, you could be making a costly mistake.

Following proper winterization techniques will help protect your investment, which is why you should leave the job in the hands of professionals.

If you have decided to leave your pool open this winter, here are some examples of the potential problems you could face.

Pipe Damage

The first things you should do when closing your pool is making sure the water level in the pool is below the filter system and getting all the water out of the pool equipment and pipes.

Why is this done? Well, when water freezes it expands up to 10%, and the pressure it generates inside your pipes is enough to crack pipes, filters, skimmers, pumps, and heaters.

If the pipes and other pool equipment are only half full, then the water will have enough room to expand without causing any damage.

Filtering systems, above-ground pipes, and pumps can freeze in less than an hour when the temperature hits below 32 degrees unless the equipment is running. Therefore, if you decide not to close your pool this season, you will need to have the pool equipment running 24/7 to prevent it from getting damaged, and this will increase your electric bill quite a bit.

Damage to The Filter, Pump, and Heater

Pool filters are designed to withstand pressure up to 50 psi, and yet expanding ice can still damage it. There are several ways a filter can be damaged:

The tank itself cracks
The clamp ring cracks in half
The top-mounted multiport valve flange can separate from the tank
The filter can start leaking


When you don’t winterize your pool, and you turn off the equipment to save on electricity, then you will most likely wake up to a leaky pump.

Unlike PVC pipes, which are relatively inexpensive to replace, the cost of replacing a pump can set you back at least a couple thousand dollars.

Heaters can also get damaged during a flash freeze. The cast iron and polymer heater headers are usually the first things to give out. The silver lining in this is that when they do, they drain the heater and save it from further damage.

Deck Damage

If your in-ground pipes burst, you will need to replace them, and this means cutting through your concrete deck to get to them.

So while you may think replacing a few PVC pipes in your pool is a relatively inexpensive job compared to giving your swimming pool the proper winterization treatment it needs, the truth is not winterizing your pool could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

Save yourself the hassle and the constant worry of costly pool repairs come springtime. Give us a call today, and our experts will visit you and determine the best way to protect your investment this winter season.

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