Child Drowning Prevention From Toddlers to Teens

It can happen to anyone; child drownings are not the result of bad parenting. A young child can silently drown in as little as 25 seconds, even in shallow water.  Child drowning prevention is a life-saving topic that every parent should take to heart.

As parents, we believe our homes are a haven for our children, yet sadly, about 82% of child drownings occur at a residence.

Last year there were 81 fatal child drownings in Texas, and so far, this year 63 child drownings have occurred in our home state.

The good news is that child drownings are preventable, here we share a few tips to safeguard your family.

Child Drowning Prevention Tip #1: Teach Your Kids to Swim

There is evidence that children are less likely to drown if they have had formal swimming instruction. However, this does not mean that your child will be safe in or around water. Parents should always be vigilant and keep close supervision of children when they are in the pool.

Child Drowning Prevention Tip #2: Put Your Cell Phone Down

Never take your eyes off of your kids.  According to the German Lifeguard Association, there has been a growing amount of child drownings which could have been prevented had their guardians not been distracted by cell phone use.  The bottom line is that if you are on your cell phone, you will be less likely to look up and notice that your child is gasping for help.  Give your children 100% of your attention while they are in or near a pool.

Child Drowning Prevention Tip #3: Install Layers of Protection

Children can slip out of the house and inadvertently fall in the pool when there is no one around. To prevent this from happening, you can install barriers and alarm systems such as:

1. Pool Fences

Fences are one of the most effective ways to prevent unintentional child drownings.

If your pool doesn’t already have a fence, you should install one right away. Here are some recommendations to ensure your fence is up to code:

Pool fences should be at least 4 feet high
They should surround the pool on all sides
Barriers should be climb-proof. Therefore, there should be no footholds or handholds
Keep objects including furniture away from the fence to avoid kids using them to climb over it
Make sure the vertical slats have no more than 4 inches of space between them to prevent small children and pets from squeezing through them
Your pool fence needs to have a self-closing latch that opens out never in. The latch should be at least 54-inches from the ground
Add a gate lock for when the pool is not in use.
Keep toys out of the pool area when it’s not in use to avoid kids trying to retrieve them

2. Install Alarms

As we mentioned before; child drownings are mostly silent. Installing an alarm system can warn you when someone enters the pool or exits the home could help prevent unintentional drownings.

Pool Alarms: These devices are triggered by waves on the surface of the water, signaling that someone or something has entered your pool.
Door and Gate Alarms: Consider installing alarms on your doors and pool gate to let you know when someone exists your home and enters the pool area. These alarm systems can be equipped with touchpads for adults so you can pass through without setting them off.

3. Pool Safety Covers

Not all pool covers are considered safety covers. Floating solar and winter covers can increase the risk of drowning.

A safety pool cover needs to securely cover the entire pool to prevent a child from slipping under them. Do not allow water to collect on the cover surface; remember small children can drown in as little as 2-inches of water.

Power-operated covers are a good safety option. For more information on safety pool covers, give us a call.

Child Drowning Prevention Tip #4: Pool Maintenance

A well-maintained pool could prevent accidents, including accidental drownings. Here are some maintenance issues to keep in mind:

Pool decks: The area surrounding your pool should be kept clean to prevent swimmers from slipping or tripping.
Drain Covers: Contact us for a free consultation to ensure your drain covers are compliant with entrapment prevention guidelines.
Electrical Maintenance: Remember to inspect all electrical connections around your pool. Make sure there are no exposed wires, and pool lights are in good working conditions.

Preventing unintentional child drownings is everyone’s responsibilities. If you have a pool in your back yard, you should make sure it is safe for everyone to use.

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