Why Hire a Pool Professional

Have you ever thought about hiring a pool professional to take over your DIY maintenance and cleaning? Let us explain why you should do so!

Spring Benefits – Pool Professional

3 Reasons to Hire a Pool Professional This Spring Spring is finally here! It’s time to get your outdoor living spaces in order so you can enjoy the warmer weather ahead. Make no mistake, the infamous Texas heat is on its way, too. If you and your family plan to cool off in your pool […]

Consequences of Not Winterizing Pool

What Could Happen if you Don’t Winterize Your Pool? With the cold weather slowly creeping in, it is time to start thinking about winterizing your pool. If you haven’t considered or decided not to winterize your pool this season, you could be making a costly mistake. Following proper winterization techniques will help protect your investment, […]

5 Health Benefits of Swimming

5 Health Benefits of Swimming Everyone is looking for ways to stay healthy and active these days. Especially, since the rise of COVID-19 where staying at home and social distancing are the new norm. Because of all these things, we are sharing five benefits of swimming that can help keep your mind happy and your […]

What Not to Do to Your Pool

What NOT to Do to Your Pool, Unless You Want to Destroy it… Everyone talks about all the things you should be doing to maintain your pool in top condition. However, almost no one speaks about all the things you shouldn’t be doing to your pool. Many may not know this but you can pretty […]

Tips to Keep Your Pool and Yard Mosquito-Free

Tips to Keep Your Pool and Yard Mosquito-Free Mosquitos aren’t just a nuisance; these pesky little bloodsuckers can also carry diseases like West Nile Virus and Zika. Moreover, there is more bad news.  Mosquitos love water and humid places, spending three out of their four life-stages in water. So, if you own a pool, your […]

Identifying and Removing Pool Stains

Identifying and Removing Pool Stains Swimming pool stains are a fact of life for pool owners. However, having a stained pool is not only embarrassing; it can ruin your whole backyard experience.   If you own a pool, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to remove those unsightly stains. Removing pool stains takes a […]

10 Reasons Why Texas Dads are the Best

10 Reasons Why Texas Dads are the Best This Father’s Day, we’d like to thank all hard-working, dedicated dads that wouldn’t think twice about putting their families first. May you be loved, respected and honored not just today but 365 days of the year.  You can find great fathers all over the world but at […]

Top Reasons for a Good Pool Spring Cleaning

It’s the Season for a Pool Spring Cleaning! Ahh, it’s Spring! Days are getting longer, flowers are blooming, and pool owners across the city are opening their pools for the much-anticipated spring break.  Your pool deserves a Pool Spring Cleaning! At Crocodile Pools, we’re pretty sure that everyone from babies to grandparents agrees that spring […]