Best Ways to Deal with Pollen in Your Pool with pool cover folded back

Best Ways to Deal with Pollen in Your Pool

As spring begins to bloom in Beaumont, Lumberton, and Port Arthur, pollen becomes a common challenge for pool owners in the area. The sight of the yellowish green particles covering your pool water can be frustrating, but don’t worry. With the right approach, you can keep your Beaumont, Lumberton, and Port Arthur pool crystal clear and ready for a refreshing swim. We’re going to walk through some practical advice on dealing with pollen accumulation in pools, going over both cleaning methods and prevention strategies.

Cleaning Methods

Skimming and Netting: The first line of defense against pollen is by using a handy pool skimmer and net. Make skimming a regular part of your pool maintenance routine, especially during the peak of pollen season. This will help you remove the majority of floating pollen before they have a chance to settle.

Robotic Pool Cleaners: Consider investing in a robotic pool cleaner designed to handle fine particles. These devices can efficiently navigate the pool to collect pollen and other debris from both the water surface and the pool floor. By regularly utilizing this tool, you can significantly reduce the need for manual cleaning.

Pool Filter Maintenance: Check and clean your pool filter regularly. Pollen can clog filters quickly, which will impact their efficiency. Make sure your filter is in good condition and clean it according to the manufacturer.

Shock Treatment: Every once in awhile, shock your pool to break down organic matter, including pollen. Follow the recommended dosage on the shock treatment product, and make sure to keep your pool water well-balanced.

Prevention Strategies

Landscaping: Evaluate the landscaping around your pool area. While it is almost impossible to control nature, consider planting fewer pollen-producing plants or relocating them away from the pool to minimize the exposure to pollen.

Use Pool Covers: Think about using pool covers on your pool when it’s not in use, especially during higher pollen periods. This gives another layer of protection, significantly reducing the amount of pollen that enters your pool water.

Regular Deck and Patio Cleaning: Keep the poolside area clean by regularly sweeping or hosing down the decks and patios. Doing this will prevent pollen from being blown into the pool by the wind.

Pollen-Blocking Enclosures: Look through different options of installing enclosures or screens around your pool area to create a barrier against airborne pollen. While it might not be a common solution, it can certainly be effective for pool owners in areas with higher pollen counts.

Dealing with pollen in your pool requires a combination of proactive cleaning methods and preventative measures. By staying on top of your maintenance tasks and investing in the right cleaning equipment, you can enjoy a crystal clear pool throughout the spring season in Beaumont, Lumberton, and Port Arthur! Call us at (409) 210-7378 for all your pool repair needs today and view our services.