Are Water Bugs Living in Your Swimming Pool?

A dip in the pool on a hot summer day is just what you need to cool off and relax. However, what happens when you discover you are not the only one enjoying your pool?

Water bugs could be calling your pool home, and not all of them are friendly neighbors. While you may have gotten used to finding ants, crickets, and spiders in your pool from time to time, they most likely fell in and not permanently moving into your pool.

The real concern is water bugs; those that could try to live in your pool on a more permanent basis. Today you will learn about some of the more common water bugs and how we can help keep them out of your swimming pool.

Water Boatmen Bugs

The good news is these bugs won’t bite you, and they are known to feed on plant material and mosquito larvae.

The bad news is nobody likes to share their pool with bugs, and they look like another insect species that are not as friendly.

Water boatmen mostly live in water, but they can fly and are attracted to light. So, they can easily migrate to your backyard from a nearby pond or your neighbors’ pool.

To prevent them, we advise the following:

Keep your outdoor lights at least 30 feet away from swimming pools, and use lightbulbs with low wattage
Call us to schedule weekly pool maintenance. By keeping your swimming pool free of plant matter, the water boatmen won’t have anything to feed on, and they will move out
If you haven’t cleaned your pool in a while and algae is growing in it, we can get your water clear and balanced!
If your pool has already been taken over by water boatmen, can treat your pool to remove them

Backswimmer Bugs

These are not nice tenants to have in your pool. Backswimmers bite!

Their bite is painful as it feels like a bee sting. These creepy little swimmers like to feed on water boatmen, so they are often found together, and to make matters worse they look alike too.

To prevent backswimmers, the best thing to do is to get rid of other bugs that could be a food source for the backswimmers.

Regular pool cleanings are the best way to prevent and get rid of backswimmers.


Springtails are harmless, they won’t bite you, and they don’t live in water. Instead, they like to live in moist places and eat decaying plant matter.

However, their tails do allow them to jump (hence the name springtails), and because they might be living close to your pool, they can easily land in the water when they leap into the air.

The reason you should try to get rid of them is that they can attract other bugs like the backswimmers, which can hurt you.

The trick to prevent springtails from landing in your pool is to keep your pool area well landscaped with plants a safe distance from the pool.

We’ll Help You Keep Uninvited Water Bug Guests Away

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