4 Winter Pool Maintenance Tips That Will Save You Money

The winter months may seem like a low-maintenance time of year if you have a pool. However, it’s not the time to totally neglect it. We’re sharing a few tips that will keep your pool looking and operating it’s best while having a long and healthy life.

To Shock Or Not To Shock?

That is the question. Considering most of our clients live in Texas and keep their pools open all year round, you still need to add chlorine to your pool. This can be done using shock or chlorine tablets in an in-line chlorinator or floater.  The lower the temperature, the less likely things will grow in your pool which reduces the need for disinfectant (chlorine).

Watch Water Levels

Always keep an eye on your water levels. You always want to keep your water half-way up your skimmer to ensure you are feeding an adequate water supply to protect the pump and to keep it primed.

Keep Your Cover Free From Debris

During cold weather months, it’s important to keep an eye on your pool cover and keep it free from leaves, debris, and standing water. The extra weight of any outdoor debris can affect the longevity of your cover if you use one during this time.

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