3 Simple Way to Keep Fall Out of Your Pool

Fall is quickly approaching!  While a beautifully landscaped backyard is pleasing to the eye, all the debris the changing weather brings can be stressful for pool owners. Don’t let this beautiful time of year bring you down.  We’ve got 3 different ways to keep your pool pristine this fall. 

Leaf Removal Tools

One way to keep leaves out of the pool is using leaf removal tools.  There is an above and below water approach with this one and gives you a variety of options.  The first and easiest option is to use a mesh pool cover.  Covering the pool keeps all debris out of the pool.  The second option is a two pronged approach, manual and automatic.  The manual way uses a leaf rake or skimmer net.  This more involved approach will remove most of leaves above and below the water. The automatic way and least involved, uses a pool vacuum.  In order to properly vacuum the leaves, use a flexible head attachment with rollers instead of brushes on the bottom.

Optimize Skimmer Flow

The skimmer baskets in your pool are another way to keep your pool leaf free.  However, skimmers work best when the suction is increased.  The best way ensure maximum suction is to completely or almost close the main drain valve.

Optimize Return Flow

One final way to a fabulous looking pool this fall, is keeping the return flow optimal.  To do this, the water in your pool must be flowing in a circular motion, making sure the return flow fittings are pointing in the same direction and slightly upwards.  In doing this, the action of water at the surface will keep all debris at the top, rather than sinking down below.

Whether your pool is in a forest or a just a few trees around, the changing of seasons or high winds can wreak havoc.  If you want to keep your pool leaf free, use these helpful tips and as always contact us for more information.   

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