Benefits of Swimming – Pool Maintenance

Health Benefits of Swimming & Owning a Swimming Pool Dive in and enjoy these amazing health benefits of swimming!  Owning a swimming pool is synonymous of fun, recreation, and even status. Most families decide to add a pool to their backyards for entertainment purposes. However, the benefits of having a private pool extend well beyond […]

Memorial Day Pool Party Safety Tips

Memorial Day Pool Party Safety Tips It’s time to kick off summer! Memorial Day is considered the unofficial start of summer in Beaumont, and this means pool season is finally here. Planning the perfect Memorial Day bash takes a lot of effort and attention to detail, including getting your pool looking its absolute best. We […]

Pool Safety for Asthmatics

Is Your Pool Safe for Asthmatics? In honor of Asthma Awareness Month, we will shed light on asthma and swimming pools.  Anyone with asthma will tell you how disruptive the illness can be to their lives, especially when it comes to staying active. Asthma patients, struggle to find ways to stay active and healthy. One […]

Water Safety Tips – Drowning Prevention

Water Safety Tips All Families Should Know Drowning Prevention and Awareness Week So far this year sixteen children have drowned in the state of Texas, prompting lawmakers to declare May 7-14 Drowning Prevention and Awareness Week. Our hearts go out to all the families who have been affected by these tragic deaths, and we vow […]

Win a Free Gift Card for Mom Giveaway

It’s No Secret, at Crocodile Pools, We Love Moms! In the month of May, we enjoy one of the best celebrations of the year, Mother’s Day.  While moms are special, in Texas we are blessed with the great ones.  These lovely ladies truly pour the best of themselves into everything that they do.  While parenting […]

Hosting a Pool Party Safely

Hosting a Pool Party Safely One of the many blessings of living in Beaumont TX is the weather; with long hot summers and short temperate winters. Pool owners in our town can start hosting pool parties as early as May, and those with heated pools can do so year-round. Pool parties are fun for everyone […]