10 Reasons Why Texas Dads are the Best

This Father’s Day, we’d like to thank all hard-working, dedicated dads that wouldn’t think twice about putting their families first. May you be loved, respected and honored not just today but 365 days of the year.  You can find great fathers all over the world but at Crocodile Pools, we have it on good authority that the best dads ever reside in Texas!

Check out all the reasons why Texas dads are the best.

#10 They Have the Best Sense of Humor

Do you ever wonder what’s hiding behind that grin?  Texas dads may be stern when they need to be but will waste no time in finding an opportunity to lighten up a mood by bringing humor into life. Yes, this may be a common denominator among dads but Texas dads will go the extra mile.  These wise fellows have a way of weaving life lessons into their wisecracks.

This means that while you may only laugh a little, you certainly learn a lot from their sense of humor.

#9 They are the Best Playmates

When it’s time to bring out the fun, just ask a Texas dad.  Nobody puts up with our hobbies and need for an adventure more than our dads. Whether we’re into video games, remote control cars, fishing, hunting, sports, or dancing; dads are always there to play along.

#8 They are Our Superheroes

In their children’s’ eyes, there is nothing Texas dads can’t do. They are respectful, hardworking, responsible, and experts in their field. However, above all else, they are brave, wise, and will always do their best to protect us.  They are our role models, our real superheroes.

#7 They are Great Teachers

When we were little, they would let us win at any game we played together to teach us that we could win any anything.

However, as we grew, they taught us the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, how to lose with dignity, and how to learn from our mistakes.

They also taught us the value of hard work.  We learned what it was like to be proud of a job well done, and how to love.

#6 They Spoil Us

Many a Texas dad will let us eat pizza or burgers for dinner more often than we should. They buy us ice cream and a dad time talk when they sense we have a broken heart. Given the opportunity to do so, they helped us buy our first car, and they even helped us file our taxes.

He may not say it as often as he should but he loves you more than you will ever know!  He would go to the moon and back if he thought it would make you happy.

# 5 They are Our Biggest Fans

Texas dads go out of their way to show how proud they are of us. They love to brag about our accomplishments, whether it’s football, the spelling bee, ballet, or the last fish you caught. Wonderful fathers will always have a few words of encouragement to keep us going and keep coaching you to the next level.

#4 Life’s a Party in the Pool

Who’s up for a belly flop contest or Marco Polo? Dads are not only nurturing; they are fun. They consistently have great ideas for games to keep you physically and mentally active.

#3 They Teach Us to Appreciate Great Music

The great musicians live on because dads teach us to appreciate their music.  What a better place to enjoy it than here!  They seize the opportunity to not only exchange good tunes but tune into their kids as well.  Sometimes what we really need is a good listener.  Thank your dad for taking the time to just sit an listen when you need it the most.

#2 They Are the Best Example

Texas dads raise the bar high for us all. They set the example for the type of man all young boys should strive to become.  They also teach their daughters, through example that they should expect no less than the best.

#1 They Invent the Best Life Hacks to Make Everyone’s Life Better

If there are two things that you can say about Texas dads, is they love their families and are resourceful. They are always coming up with inventive ways to not only make their lives easier but also to keep the family safe and healthy.

One such life hack is contracting us to keep the family pool clean and in top shape. Savvy dads know that our pool experts are the best in town, and they would not trust their family’s health to anyone else.  At Crocodile Pools, we have the honor of helping amazing fathers from all over Southeast Texas keep their homes beautiful.  Their home is their castle and we are happy to help play an important role in helping to keep it majestic, just as they deserve.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads of Beaumont, Lumberton and all of Southeast Texas, from all of us at Crocodile Pools!

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